How To Say, Fuck You

11866394_10155871664850065_5793502286046788402_nSay it with your eyes. Say it like you mean it. Say it like you don’t need to say anything at all.

Say it like you spin the earth’s axis in a way that Atlas no longer needs to hold

the weight of the earth. Say it with conviction. Say it like no God or man can move you.

Speak it like a fountain from the diaphragm, unbridled and anything but hollow.

Speak it with a glare like talking bullets that don’t need a gun to shoot.

Say it as if fate will decide it’s either you or the other guy’s last day on earth and

no matter what, you’ll live or die kicking.

Say it like the aftermath scares the atom bomb and you can make Hiroshima blush.

Say it like a physical entity, concept or dimension we don’t fully understand but continues to exist anyway, like time, string theory or the ever expanding universe.

Say it like you don’t care whose naughty or nice and you’ve got a list but you don’t need to check it twice

because you’re not an idiot, like Santa.

Say it like the Twin Towers never collapsed and you’re still holding them.

Say it like those hijackers cried and begged for their Ummi (Momma).

Say it with the pressure of a diamond mine. Say it with radioactive, particle splitting demolition.

Say is so the impact is such the target curves like a ball without any throwing power,

full of air, heavy as bricks, so vulnerable in a singular moment, the seconds of silence afterward, become unbearable.

Say it as if eye contact is a game of poker and your enemy folds at the beginning of every round

like a Salvador Dali clock that just won’t work, but collapses before the first tick.

Say it as if this life is not so rough, nor this world so apathetic.

Say it as if you are not bitter and the stars still come out to greet you.

Say it as if every catalyst has been your decision and you are the maker of your own life.

Say it like this in a moment of quiet, angry need and you will never have to say anything else.


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