(Ebony Lanes)

(Take me to the ebony lanes,
Where the last vestige of courage waits,
For under the metal rims of society’s sanity,
The pendulum swings and breaks. )

Here in this world the people are lonely,
For all the monotony in their indiscernible lives,
Crackling in the fire of an amber red glory.
The leaves are fading without the richness of autumn,
Brawls have become the substance of everyday,
Jobs are lost in the chaos of lost causes,
and the word petty has never seemed more pungently,

Engines ramp and gurgle in the distance like a hot blooded cat,
Showing just how mature we really are,
and then the night settles into its vexation like a tired old man;
taking time with a couple of light buds, around the TV,
Letting that gut grow the size of Biceps on ESPN,
Wishing you had a job that paid you enough to care, or one at all.
Yes citizens, this is the great American way.

Full of promise and the pursuit of happiness we will never find,
For all of us have dined in the wallows of our mind,
Where revenge rings rich and despair dives into so called destiny,

America, my land of liberty and Prozac,
When will you realize the fact,
That the pill pops for no purpose,
and the shots are just a Nile,
of what you can’t let go?

For every morning rises like an hour glass,
but you are waiting in the dimness of a night that does not pass.
Filled with imaginary tokens collecting gravity.
America the beautiful, where have you gone?


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